About Us

QuickQuest has been a product in development for over 5 years now. It originated as a tool used by MedQuery, a medical focused market research recruiting agency mostly hired for qualitative projects such as focus groups and telephone interviews. The original goal was to program screeners for quality control purposes so that recruiters did not accidentally recruit the wrong person or go over quota.


From that time, we started adding more functions such as the ability for the respondent to complete the screener themselves via sending them a web link through email. Then, we added the ability for them to choose available dates and times. The QuickQuest system then was able to send them automatic confirmation emails in which they could add the appointment to their calendar and confirm their attendance for the interview.


By the beginning of 2013, the portal itself was created which allowed clients of MedQuery to view project data online in real-time including identifying remaining quotas and reviewing termination/overquota data.


It was not until the end of 2013, that the real magic arrived – the ability to update the respondent profiles in real-time in ANY format the client needed. So no matter what template was needed to display the response data, QuickQuest could automatically populate that report. – whether for domestic projects or to consolidate reports from across the world into one real-time report.


In addition, the QuickQuest system also allowed moderators to subscribe to the project calendar allowing them to get real-time updates to their own calendars immediately so that they always have the most accurate details stored in their calendars.


The QuickQuest system will only get better over time as we continue to develop more capabilities to allow those who manage qualitative project to easily manage the “chaos” that can occur with running many projects at the same time.


At this point in time, over 90 market research companies have used the system to help manage their projects, both domestically and globally.

Chris Lee, President/CEO

Chris is the founder and CEO of QuickQuest

He is also the founder and CEO of MedQuery which is a medical market research recruiting firm specializing in qualitative recruiting for the last 10 years. MedQuery has managed recruiting for over 7,000 qualitative projects since its inception.

Prior to founding MedQuery, he was a Sr. Vice President of Client Services for Ziment Associates (now Kantar Health) where he was regularly overseeing and moderating qualitative projects for the largest healthcare manufacturers.

Previous positions include pharmaceutical sales, product management, and market research at Abbot Labs (Tap Pharmaceuticals Division) Based on all of this experience, one of the constant challenges has always been to find a better way to conduct and manage qualitative market research projects.

QuickQuest is dedicated to providing solutions to make the qualitative project management experience less chaotic, faster, and at a lower cost.