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Love it, this is SO much easier. This will be great!!

Katie Ash-

I’m already entering all my TDIs into Outlook by hand when I get updates this could save me some real time!

Colleen Welsh-Allen-

Keeping so many details organized in one place; quick access to incidence info for client conversations about who to include

Kendall Nash-

Love being able to see the dispositions of screening interviews to be able to pinpoint accurately where respondents are terming out.

Julie Leonard-

You are one of only two companies that I know that offer this service. I find it very valuable particularly for quick client updates or for scheduling other meetings when a TDI recruit is active. Also the calendar feature is helpful so I do not have to hand enter the appointments

Caroline Volpe-

It’s easy and simple to use.

Usha Harnandan-

I like the QuickQuest feature. I like that it auto-populates which saves me the time adding the appointments to my calendar and that each appointment contains all the contact information that I need to conduct the TDI. I really like the calendar feature

Caroline Volpe-

Everyone on my team likes it and so do the moderators. For the moderators it’s the scheduling tool, and for my team it’s access to the grid 24/7.

Sharlene Dolle-

I like the export to the calendar and ability to confirm status of interview via the outlook invite.”


Very useful so I don’t have to keep bugging my project manager for updates

Abby Leafe-

Real-time would be great! often waiting for updates and it typically requires me contacting recruiters regularly (often delayed)

Curtis Kaisner-

Scheduling right to calendar. Great way to keep track of recruiting. Use of both ical and outlook. I feel I am always begging facilities for this info so it’s great to be able to have it come without the begging

Deborah Potts-

Have seen a lot of scheduling tools for various things but this is something I haven’t seen. Would love for our main recruiters to use this.

Elsja Hancock-

Data collection in conjunction with recruiting management so it’s all together is fabulous!

Jennifer Dale-

I like the fact that the client can get links and get updated schedule as well as invites to (possible) TDI’s.

Joel Caducio-

Love how it is integrated into Outlook

Kay Aubrey-

This is a valuable tool for any field manager. The simplicity and connectivity to Outlook gives added value that I have not seen anywhere.

Krissy Sartor-

Respondent list is very helpful — as well as the outlook calendar with the respondent interview times

Marjie Sands-

It just makes everything so easy and the client can access as much information about the progress of the project as they want in real time which may result in fewer random cranky phone calls to me.

Laurie Bredenfoerder-

Instant feedback regardless of time and day. No need to contact the PM for updates and worry about getting things in a timely manner.

Lester Greenberg-

Great to have all information in one central easily accessed place. Also like that it updates constantly.

Liz Van Patten-

Good that all info flows through to different docs and apps would save time from field coordinator inputting schedule onto my calendar time savings for client grid.

Mike Karchner-

Love the real time updates and letting me know right away where respondents are falling out

Patrice Wooldridge-

Love the incidence report – a very useful tool!

Ruth Connolly-

The information at your fingertips is very powerful

Steve Appel-

Efficiency and keeping recruiting fully informed 24/7

Terri Maciolek-

Amazing, would be a huge time saver!

Jennifer Destin-

I like the real-time access to the schedule and incidence reports.

Kat Figatner-

Organization and overlaying on calendar we use day to day

Susan Thornhill-

I like having access to immediate updates/progress at any time throughout the day. Also, I have the ability to pull my own report rather than waiting for someone to send me the report- no delays to our client.

Amy Schott-

As far as the portal overall- I love it! I use the reporting area all day long. I get hit with questions about recruiting many times with this client throughout the day and I can quickly pull it up, see where the majority of my terms are so we can proactively adjust before hitting the danger zone… without having to interrupt ya’lls focus throughout the day as well.

Jamie Sykora-

Working across a variety of vendors, there are similar platforms, but I have yet to see any as robust as the QuickQuest portal that MedQuery provides. With the specific and targeted healthcare research we often times conduct on behalf of our clients, I rely on the real-time reporting features to obtain the information needed at a moment’s notice throughout the day. It is an invaluable resource that enables a seamless transition of communication to our clients. Ease of access for first time users is remarkable and the navigation is easily followed. The level of detail provided in the incidence reporting feature allows for a true project management partnership between vendors to team together, proactively adjust if project impacting trends emerge, and unite throughout the process for the overall success of our clients’ research objectives. I trust the relationship, the time, the value and the progressive offerings from which we benefit when working with MedQuery.

Jaime Sykora-

We really like your portal and found it incredibly helpful and the respondents were great.

Annie Hanson-

While we had a few quirks with updates from portal to calendar overall the feature is great! Our clients have commented on how much they love it too. We will think about whether we have any specific feedback but wanted to pass on how novel and easy it is.

Kristin Mason-

Quick Quest saves my team and I tons of time doing administrative tasks so we can focus our efforts on executing the research. In addition to not having to create outlook invite after outlook invite, we also have quick access to real-time updates on the schedule and recruitment progress.

Agnes Yao-

Thanks for walking me through QuickQuest. The tool is amazing and will save us time on this end- particularly the outlook calendar linking tool

Agnes Yao-

I was able to log on to the portal to pull the final recruitment grid. It was very easy to navigate and a nice tool. This particular project didn’t really require the calendar syncing function because out moderator will be on-site, but I could see that being very useful if we were scheduling telephone IDIs. It would save me a great deal of work having to update multiple calendars.

Bent Nino-

Tried the portal and think its great! Very intuitive and simple. I like the calendar feature and how it sets up a new calendar in Outlook, rather than populates on my calendar. That way, I can choose to look at it or not. Nice to have the latest and greatest grid there anytime in case i want to see real time info.

Susan Kimmel-

The calendar linking is a great function that you offer your clients. I am very excited to use it on the remainder of our current projects and future times working together. One section that I can see being VERY helpful is the Quota/Incidence Report. This will help so much when our clients asking us all the ‘why is this happening/where are they terminating/how many people we spoken too’ questions that are always hard to answer. The up-to-date profiles are going to be great too!

Jenna Fleener-

Quick Quest is great!

Sarah Graffeo-

I just took a look and can see all three recruits on the calendar! Very Cool 🙂

Katie Reust-

The real time profiles are proving to be very helpful. I always like it when I can input information quickly into my calendar and have the linking feature is a must have and works easily. The entire site is user friendly.

Karen Schmutz-

I love it! It makes things a lot easier, and I especially like the calendar invites showing up on my calendar. Helps me stay on top of the schedule.

Katie Ash-

The QuickQuest portal has been an extremely useful resource when I’ve wanted to quickly access up to date recruitment profiles! The function of syncing interviews to my email calendar shaves time off of my day and improves communication amongst my internal team members for any given project.

Amanda Finkelstein-

I personally think that the QuickQuest feature is awesome – truly! Oftentimes, the client reaches out for a recruitment update ASAP, and it’s not a reasonable expectation that you would always be at your desk to send this out (although one of the best things about working with you guys is your responsiveness). The QuickQuest portal fixes that issue, and it’s great to know that I always have the most updated version of the recruitment grid. One thing that I think could take the feature to the next level would be the ability to receive a notification whenever a new respondent is added, and the option to turn this feature on and off.

Ben Speizer-

I like the fact that I can grab the recruitment update anytime that I want and that it is a real-time update.

Kara Petty-

The calendar feature can be quite helpful from our planning perspective.

Gary Krog-

Saving me the time of setting up this kind of system myself

Suzanne Klein-

I thought the portal was pretty useful and I really like the downloadable recruitable grid. It saved me time putting info on my end.

Ryan Smith-

I think it is a great automation tool. Really makes things easier to view and schedule. Thanks! The calendar feature is great. It’s always confusing trying to get things on calendar at the right time zone, etc.

Aroon Krishna-

Case Study Testimonial

Wes Michael, President and Founder of Rare Patient Voice

Wes has been involved in rare and orphan diseases since 1998, interviewing and surveying patients, caregivers, physicians, nurses and advocacy leaders. Wes has more than 30 years experience in marketing research, and more than 15 years in healthcare marketing research.
In this video testimonial Wes compares and contrasts two similar projects with one organized using QuickQuest and the other utilizing traditional methods.

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